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The Do’s and Don’ts of the Modern Resumé (Infographic)

Along with glowing references, a solid résumé is a must-have for any job applicant. But even those with great credentials need to package those achievements the right way to catch a hiring manager’s eyes. How can you get yourself noticed? Having the right keywords on the page — words like “problem solving,” “leadership” and “team […]

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Steal Big Business Talent for Small Business Dollars

If you run a small business then chances are you spend a lot of time worrying about who is on your team.  There probably isn’t a lot of fat on your payroll ribs and each person makes a critical contribution to your success. You’ve heard it before: Hire good people. Keep good people. Fire fast. Yes, […]

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The Last Customer on Earth: A Leadership Tactic For Customer Service Superiority

When you treat each customer as if she’s the last remaining customer on the planet–the customer on whom the very existence of your business depends–things start to change in your perception, and, almost simultaneously, in the results you get from your customer relationships: Every customer request is an opportunity, not an imposition. Everything about your customer is worth […]

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The Science of Self-Confidence (And Why We Lose It If We Don’t Use It)

“Most people live in a restricted circle of potential.” This observation by William James holds no less truth today than when he made it over a century ago. The reason that so many people never fulfil their potential is not a lack of intelligence, opportunity or resources, but a lack of belief in themselves. Or […]

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How to Network Outside Your Company

Your network is your net worth. It is a source of knowledge, job opportunities, potential business partnerships, future hires and so much more. Networking won’t only help you find your next job, but it will help you improve within your current position. In short, your power is derived from and amplified by your network. One […]

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4 Key Principles to Keep on Track and Sustain Focus

For most entrepreneurs, coming up with a brilliant, executable idea is easy. The hard part is staying focused on it long enough to actually see it through to fruition. Sound familiar? That’s why the power of focus is so crucial. I like the definition I heard podcaster John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire give, using every […]

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Essentials of Labour Law

A company’s ability to attract and retain employees with the expertise it requires depends largely on the “human” side of the day-to-day working experience of such a company. Employment/ Labour Law is the body of law that governs the employer-employee, employer-employer [business contracts, company and client] relationship, including individual employment contracts, the application of tort […]

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Nigeria Labour Law Form Here

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