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Finding, developing, managing, and retaining high-performance individuals are an ongoing strategic priority for us.


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5 Secrets to Achieving and Maintaining Work-Life Balance

In a world where more and more people find themselves working in roles that could be considered “always on” jobs, how do people achieve and maintain work-life balance and how do companies and leaders promote this way of life? It is a challenge to say the least. Every day millions of people wrestle with these […]

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If Everest Was In Your Path, Would You Recognize It?

Our companies and careers grow and take place as strings of events. As we progress, some of the things that we think are going to be difficult, turn out to be quite easy.  And inevitably some projects that look easy turn out to be exceedingly difficult. Much of the discrepancy between our assessment of a […]

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The Last Customer on Earth: A Leadership Tactic For Customer Service Superiority

When you treat each customer as if she’s the last remaining customer on the planet–the customer on whom the very existence of your business depends–things start to change in your perception, and, almost simultaneously, in the results you get from your customer relationships: Every customer request is an opportunity, not an imposition. Everything about your customer is worth […]

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How to Network Outside Your Company

Your network is your net worth. It is a source of knowledge, job opportunities, potential business partnerships, future hires and so much more. Networking won’t only help you find your next job, but it will help you improve within your current position. In short, your power is derived from and amplified by your network. One […]

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