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Base Manager


The general manager’s responsibilities involve supervision, public relations, marketing, profitability and sales, quality service, reporting, capital requirements, and other duties as assigned by the board of directors. The general manager will maintain a positive attitude that promotes team work within the organization and promote a favorable image of the organization.



Supervision involves developing and communicating company goals and results to personnel; selecting, supervising, and supporting the employee team; and upholding company policies. This will include:


  • Works with the Project Manager, Laboratory Manager and   Finance/ Admin Manager on all aspect of Company activities
  • Holds regular Staff and management meetings
  • Create and maintain an atmosphere in which employees willingly deliver at maximum capacity
  • Endorse office requests for the month and pass on to Managing Director for approval
  • Induction/Orientation for new staff, interns, and IT students
  • Motivates Staff for high performance
  • Supervises the maintenance of preferred staffing levels
  • Assign employee responsibilities and maintain job descriptions
  • Develop performance standards
  • Supervise ongoing employee training
  • Develop and maintain a salary administration program and pay competitive wages based on performance
  • Plan for and provide opportunities for employee advancement and development
  • Continually build upon personal skills and knowledge
  • Enforce and uphold all Company policies
  • Ensures Company facilities and activities meet all federal, state, DPR, NESREA regulations
  • Receive no state, or federal citations
  • Ensure no regulators is dissatisfied
  • Supervise maintenance and housekeeping of all Company’s activities, facilities and equipment         
  • Coordinates employee review and assessment processes
  • Administers reward for excellence and disciplinary action where applicable


BUSINESS (Public Relations, Sales and Marketing and Profitability)

Public relations involve building and maintaining positive relationships with all Stakeholders (Clients, Media, Consultants, Vendors and the business community).

  • Personally and officially represent Company by participating in any environmental programs available
  • Develop Client confidence in and understanding of Company
  • Present a professional image in conduct, attitude and attire
  • Promote a good relationship between Clients, regulators and the organization
  • Build a positive Company image
  • Develops COMPANY’s annual  business strategy and manage the effective implementation
  • Developing and reviewing budget and goals with staff within 30 days of fiscal year end
  • Reviewing progress as compared to budget with Management team quarterly
  • Assist with the development of client information management standards
  • Manage existing Clients/ partners of COMPANY and seek ways to engage new ones;
  • Assist with comprehensive cost/benefit analysis and preparation of business cases for new projects
  • Prepare and review sales and marketing plans with employees on an agreed basis
  • Review sales and marketing plans for each department annually
  • Contribute to business area assessment and user needs analysis
  • Plan marketing activities and review results and expectations with employees
  • Profitability and sales involves establishing and achieving sales and profitability goals and increasing the Company’s market share through regular sales efforts.
  • Establish and achieve profitability and sales goals
  • Establish sales goals and develop plans to achieve them
  • Maintain inventories at levels to assure service with a minimum of delivery delays, yet maintain inventory turn goals
  • Increase market share through regular sales efforts and effective supervision
  • Review daily reports
  • Review sales results with staff regularly
  • Ensure employees have the knowledge and information needed to achieve market share growth


Service involves providing and promoting the service necessary to meet the requisite Company goals and needs.

  • Ensure all customers receive courteous and efficient service from employees
  • Establish and ensure the maintenance of  processes that will ensure prompt delivery of results to clients 
  • Handle complaints promptly
  • Promote outstanding customer service
  • Ensures all customer are satisfied
  • Oversees the Project Manager, ensuring that projects and reporting deadlines are met
  • Ensure high quality project and reports are delivered
  • Ensures that all Laboratory analysis meets requisite standard and are correctly interpreted
  • Promotes the efficient use of resources


Reporting involves keeping the Chairman/CEO/ board informed of the Organization’s status and activities, and assisting with board activities.

  • Submit monthly reports, general information, and recommendations to the Chairman/CEO
  • Assist the board in formulating policies and provide all facts needed for board decision making
  • Make policy recommendations and carry out board policies
  • Arrange for board review of insurance, banking, auditing, and other board-approved relationships
  • Help plan the annual board meeting and report to board members if applicable

Any other duties, as appropriate  to role, as agreed with the Chairman/CEO

Academic Qualification

Bachelor's degree in Science/ Engineering related field.

MBA or Business Management training


Work Experience

10 years working experience with at least 3 years at a managerial level

Computer Literacy

Ability to effectively utilize Microsoft office packages and other equivalents.

Personal Skills

Versatile, diligent with high level of integrity, people management skill.

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Production Coordinator

Job Summary:     

  • Using men, materials, machines and methods to produce products.
  • Production of at least 10MT per week.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Giving report to the CEO
  • Supervise the work men
  • Manage the phase 1 of the production operations.

Competency and Skill Requirements

  • Start-up skills,
  • reporting skills,
  • initiative,
  • people management 
  • Intermediate negotiating skills.
  • Intermediate interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities and prioritize effectively.
  • Time management skills.
  • Intermediate analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Intermediate administration and organizational skills.
  • Attention to details.
  • Basic level of supervisory skills.

Key Performance Indicators

•        Functionality of all equipments.

•        Accuracy in production.

•        Timeliness and accuracy of reports.

Minimum Qualification (Education & Experience)

  •     Minimum of OND in food sciences
  •     6 years post NYSC
  •     2 years in supervisory role in FCMG and Start-Up environment.

Working conditions

•        Normal working conditions apply

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